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Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, there is a place for you here at UUCA. We are a dynamic community of individuals who share a liberal spiritual journey and we welcome you to join us. The mission of UUCA is to be a place where anyone and everyone can Connect, Grow, and Serve. If you are looking for a community that promotes love, reason and freedom in religion – a community who works to build a more just and peaceful world – a community that finds inspiration in music and the arts and honors and respects the beauty of the earth –– a diverse community of spiritual seekers guided by a covenant of mutual respect open to you no matter your sexual orientation, race, age, class, or ability – You have found a spiritual community for you and your family. Please join us this Sunday.

Sunday Worship, August 3, 10:15 a.m.

"Faith and Struggle: A Black Pioneer in a White Denomination"

With Rev. Rebekah Montgomery. Our UU history sermon will be about the somewhat tragic story of the Rev. E. Ethelred Brown. The Rev. Mark Morrison-Read included Rev. Brown’s story in his book, Black Pioneers in a White Denomination - naming the uncomfortable history of our Black fore-bearers who struggled to find their way even in our liberal communities where race played a significant role in perpetuating discrimination and prejudice. When Rev. Brown wrote to the American Unitarian Association in 1895 declaring his interest in the ministry, the response came back that there was no Unitarian Church in America for colored people and that white Unitarians required a white minister and therefore his future in the Unitarian ministry would be doubtful. Despite this discouragement, Rev Brown struck out to become a Unitarian, holding fast to our shared theological beliefs despite the lack of a welcoming response. His story is a fascinating one that sheds light on our past and the uncomfortable tensions that still persist in our tradition.

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