Treasurer and Assist. Treasurer

Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer Position Description

The Congregation elects the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer to serve one-year terms. The Treasurer works under the direction of the Board of Trustees. The Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer work closely with ministers and staff to ensure the proper receipt, accounting, management, and disbursement of Congregation funds within UUCA policies established for adequate financial control.


  • Willing and able to make service as a UUCA officer a top priority; accepts all responsibilities as outlined here and in UUCA’s bylaws and applicable UUCA policies.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with Board members, the senior minister, and ministers, and staff as outlined in the Board Covenant.
  • Regularly attends worship services and other UUCA activities.
  • Within the prior 12 – 18 months has been actively involved in two or more different UUCA groups, projects, and/or service roles.
  • Has the endorsement of two or more individuals who have served in leadership roles at UUCA.
  • The Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer must qualify to be and will be bonded or otherwise covered by a UUCA general liability insurance policy containing directors and officers liability coverage.

Position Responsibilities

The Treasurer shall:

  • Work with Ministers and staff to ensure adequate financial records are maintained.
  • Prepare and submit a written and oral monthly report to the Board.
  • Prepare and submit a report at the annual meeting of the congregation.
  • Prepare materials for, participate in, and attend Board committees related to financial, budgeting, or audit matters.

The Assistant Treasurer shall:

  • Assist the Treasurer in these duties as assigned by the Treasurer, chief administrative officer (CAO), or the Board.

Time Commitment



  • Participate in the mandatory Board orientation, prior to the first Board meeting of the new Board as well as Board retreats as requested.
  • Prepare and submit a report at the annual meeting of the Congregation.
  • Work with the chief administrative officer and the outside auditors to develop an official set of annual financial statements suitable for documenting the congregation’s financial position to banks and other external groups if needed.
  • Attend congregational meetings or briefings concerning UUCA financial matters as requested.


  • Prepare materials for, attend, and participate as requested in Board meetings.
  • Conduct a monthly review of finances with the operational finance committee that provides support and feedback to the senior minister and CAO.
  • Attend the monthly Board finance and audit committee and support the committee with relevant reports.
  • Prepare and submit a monthly oral and written Treasurer’s report to the Board.
  • Review disbursements and sign checks duly authorized by the CAO or other responsible leader according to UUCA policies.

Assistant Treasurer:


  • Attendance at the annual congregational meeting, and as otherwise requested by the CAO or the Board.


  • Assists the Treasurer as assigned in the preparation of materials and review of disbursements and payment processing, in accordance with UUCA policy.