Board Secretary Position Description

UUCA Board Secretary Position Description
The Board Secretary takes notes and drafts official meeting minutes for Board meetings, annual and special congregational meetings, and other events as needed.


  • Willing and able to make service as a UUCA officer a top priority; able to take accurate notes and timely draft them into meeting minutes, timely submit documents for posting to UUCA’s website, and act in accordance with the Board Covenant.
  • Regularly attends all Board and Congregational meetings, services, and other UUCA activities.
  • Has the endorsement of two or more individuals who have served in leadership roles at UUCA

Position Responsibilities

  • The Secretary shall draft, finalize, and work with UUCA staff to post on UUCA’s website
    o the minutes of all Congregation meetings, and
    o the records of the Board of Trustees.
  • The Secretary shall keep an account and maintain records in UUCA’s systems of documents of general interest to the Congregation.
  • The Secretary shall, under the direction of the Board, certify a list of members eligible to vote at each meeting of the Congregation and that notices of all official meetings have been properly sent.

Expected Time Commitment


  • Mandatory Board orientation, prior to first Board meeting of new Board.
  • Annual Board retreat
  • Annual Congregational meeting


  • Attendance at Board meetings.
  • Drafting accurate minutes, submitting to Board chair in a timely manner, finalizing minutes approved by the Board, working with UUCA staff to timely post approved minutes including relevant exhibits in accordance with Board policy.
  • Organizing Board documents for easy access by the congregation on the website. This includes Board-approved policy statements and the UUCA Policy Manual, Board white papers, and reports.