Board Member Position Description

UUCA Board Member Position Description

Serving on UUCA’s Board is a meaningful way to make an important contribution to the Congregation and connect our beloved community through meaningful relationships with other Board members, staff, and UUCA members and friends.

The Board of Trustees is elected by the Congregation, and is responsible for the governance of the church, including the adoption of policies and procedures, recommending an annual budget, and other actions in accordance with UUCA’s Bylaws.

Individual Board members work collaboratively with each other, Ministers, Staff, and church volunteer leadership, serving an oversight role to help UUCA efficiently and effectively use its resources to fulfill its mission and further its ministry in an ethical and legal manner.


  • Accepts Board responsibilities and is willing and able to make service on the Board a top priority. Acts in accordance with UUCA policies applicable to the Board, including the Board Covenant.
  • Regularly attends worship services and other UUCA activities.
  • Within the prior 12 – 18 months has been actively involved in two or more different UUCA groups, projects, and/or service roles.
  • Has the endorsement of two or more individuals who have served in leadership roles at UUCA.

Duties of a Board Member

  • The Board acts on behalf of UUCA. This means that individual Board members must act in accordance with specific duties they have to UUCA:
  • Board members have a fiduciary duty to UUCA. This means that Board members make informed decisions about financial matters, using reasonable care. The Board is ultimately accountable for the financial integrity of the church and UUCA’s fulfillment of its mission.
  • Board members have a duty of care to UUCA. This means doing the work to understand and pay attention to the information available to support reasonable and sound decision-making, raising questions where needed.
  • Board members have a duty of loyalty to UUCA. This means that a Board member’s first priority in making a Board decision is whether it is in the best interests of UUCA. A Board member must put UUCA’s interest first, and not be swayed by their interest in a single program, or another organization, business, or personal concern.
  • Board members also have a duty to fulfill the mission of the church. They must understand the purpose and mission and must oversee the activities of UUCA to ensure that the resources and programs of the church are used only for UUCA’s mission, and not for activities unrelated to the church’s mission.

Position Responsibilities

  • Prepare for, attend in person, and actively participate in monthly Board meetings for at least 75% of meetings. This includes reviewing all documents distributed to the Board prior to the meeting and consulting with others as necessary to understand issues being discussed.
  • Participate on at least one Board Committee, be willing to assume leadership of a Board Committee.
  • Timely communicate with other Board members, including between meetings when necessary.
  • Share Board support responsibilities such as helping to organize board initiatives, represent the Board in Sunday worship, or representing the Board at events or meetings
  • Board members need to make the church a high priority in their charitable giving, whatever level is right for their giving.
  • Support Board decisions and help implement them through appropriate follow-up.
  • Participate as a volunteer in stewardship activities.
  • Be a positive public voice for UUCA, both within the Congregation and beyond.
  • Regularly communicate with fellow Congregants and participate in Congregation events.
  • Maintain a constructive and respectful relationship with the Senior Minister, other Ministers and Staff, offering support where needed.

Time Commitments


  • Mandatory Board orientation, usually prior to first Board meeting of a fiscal year.
  • Annual Board Retreat and other special Board Retreats as called.
  • Attend Annual Congregational Meeting and any Special Congregational Meetings, if called.
  • Provide the Board Welcome in Sunday Service 4 to 5 times per year.
  • Participate in Board communications efforts in services or in written communications.
  • Attend at least half of the Town Hall meetings prior to Congregational Meetings (approximately 3 per year)
  • Support stewardship activities with in-person and phone outreach.


  • Prepare for, attend, and participate in monthly Board meetings and Board committee meetings as assigned.
  • Be a visible, connected Board presence in the UUCA community through regular Sunday service attendance and participation in other activities of interest such as covenant groups, special interest groups, RE teaching, Sunday Ambassador activities, etc.