Becoming a Member

UUCA Membership

Your decision to become a member means you are standing up and standing with a dynamic community of individuals who share a liberal spiritual journey who are committed to supporting UUCA’s mission of being a place to Connect, Grow, and Serve.

Steps to Membership

  • Come to Sunday worship services and take part in our program offerings. Get to know us. After each service there is a special opportunity for newcomers to learn more about UUCA at our Connection Circle.
  • Attend the New UU class. This class is designed to help you get acquainted with this church, and with Unitarian Universalist history, traditions, beliefs and theologies. See our church newsletter, Connections, for announcements on the next scheduled class.
  • Make a financial pledge of support. UUCA is supported solely by its members and friends. We ask that you make a gift that is generous for you. Fair share giving guidelines are available.
  • Sign the Membership Book on the second Sunday of each month after either service. After signing the Membership Book, you will be invited to the next New Member Recognition Ceremony, which is part of Sunday morning worship.

Congregational Covenant

At UUCA we covenant with each other, promising our goodwill and honest effort, pledging our care and support to one another and to our church community, challenging one another to live in accord with our Unitarian Universalist principles. With this common purpose as our source, we covenant:

  1. to welcome all who come to us with acceptance and respect for the differences among us;
  2. to practice patience and speak the truth directly and with compassion;
  3. to reflect carefully about the potential results of our words and actions before we
    speak or act;
  4. to keep our discussions to topics and issues rather than personalities;
  5. to acknowledge that we may not always agree with the group decisions, but we will
    support and participate in decision-making processes that are collaborative and
  6. to seek to resolve disagreements to our mutual satisfaction and ask for help when
  7. to speak directly to those with whom we have disagreements;
  8. to facilitate direct communication between parties in conflict, when appropriate;
  9. to act with loving kindness, seeking to promote justice, equity, and compassion;
  10. to speak out with loving kindness when we witness disrespectful interactions;
  11. to understand that building our beloved community requires learning and practice.

If you have any questions concerning membership at UUCA, please contact our Director of Congregational Life, Sarah Masters, here.