Sermons are an important part of our worship services, giving our ministers, guest preachers, and lay leaders the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics and themes, share meaningful stories, and ask challenging questions to encourage our thinking, actions, and spiritual growth.

You can read some of our sermons here or watch recordings in our video archives. Each Sunday our services are live-streamed and you can watch them in their entirety online. Check out our Livestream and Video Archives.

“Roots and Blossoms” [Print] – [Video] Rev. Dr. Terasa Cooley, 5/12/2019.  An exploration of the European roots of our faith. 

The Promise of the Empty Tomb – [Print] – [Video] Rev. Dr.  Terasa Cooley, 4/21/2019.  What happens when we face disappointment–the empty tomb–in our life? Do we turn away in disappointment or do we choose to dig deep and have faith in the renewal that is to come?  

Living With History – Rev. Dr. Terasa Cooley, 1/27/2019. Historical reflections tend to be of two kinds: unambiguous celebrations of achievements, or attempts to learn from a dismal display of the worst of humanity. How do we hold an understanding of the past that is not so clear cut, that allows for a recognition that people are capable of great acts of goodness as well as either petty or dramatic evils. The history of Unitarian Universalism is full of this complexity, as is the history of this congregation. What do we attend to most?

The Presence of the Present – Rev. Dr. Terasa Cooley, 12/16/2018. This time of year always seems to be full of a frenzy of activities. Some of them fun, to be sure, but many of them stressful and exhausting. How do we find a way to stand still amidst the clamor and simply be present?

Does the Story Have an Ending? – Rev. Terasa Cooley, 12/02/2018. Most traditional religions have a central and sacred story that their spiritual lives revolve around. For Unitarian Universalists, there are many stories that speak to us that come either from our backgrounds or through our own spiritual search. How do we bring these stories together in a meaningful way?