I've been puzzling over how scared I sometimes feel nowadays.

This is new.  My kids used to say I was the most courageous person they knew. (Ha!  I wish!)

But what's happening now in my world IS scary: Climate change!  Inequality!  Racist violence!  Homelessness!  Endangered healthcare reform!  Brutality to immigrants without documents!  Afghanistan!  Toxic chemicals in food!

I used to be able to sort out a first priority and then act on it.  Now I'm not sure what to do.  I know "everything is connected," but I have no clue where to start.  That frightens me.

"Our kind of people" — mostly educated, conscientious, active UUs — don't seem scared like I am.  They don't seem uncertain what to do, or paralyzed by too much to do, or even in denial of the complexities.

What's wrong with me?

I would like to think that our time REQUIRES a great transformation involving all those issues I named above.  Before it's too late!  I'm willing to be changed, but how?

I keep coming back to the words (quoted in The Nation) of one Souzi Magoulianou, a Greek woman:

"She started her working life in a textile factory; her last job was as a cleaner, but she's been unemployed now for nineteen months.  She's been volunteering [at her neighborhood food bank and community center] since the beginning.  'The thing that sensitizes you,' she said, 'is always your own need.  That's where you set out from to see what you can do.... The first thing society does is to make you see your difficulties as a personal matter...but [it really] isn't your fault [and] you can't solve it by yourself.'"

So maybe first of all I have to identify my own needs.  It's clear:  I need to find other people who are also scared and will explore with me, in depth, how we might be changed in order to help meet the multiple challenges of our time.

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