I am a newcomer to membership at UUCA.  Literally...I signed the book a few weeks ago!  Ever since I began attending UUCA, investigating the new issues I have been exposed to, and trying to live by the principles of Unitarian Universalism, I have been inspired.  My beliefs have always been strong, but I just could never seem to get motivated to get out DO anything about them.

Recently, I injured my spine so severely that I have been unable to walk or even sit up straight since November.  Since I have been grounded to this couch, stranded from humanity outside of my immediate family and dedicated visitors, I have had time to observe, research, and absorb things I was just too damn busy to see before.  It is amazing what you miss when you think your life and the teeny tiny issues therein are the most serious and important in the entire world.

I have had time to become infuriated by what I am seeing.  The decisions of our leaders bring us ever closer at an ever faster pace to cataclysm!  Take women's rights.  Just in the past month I have watched our military pooh-pooh the rights of women who are sexually assaulted while serving our country because, supposedly, if you join the big, strong men you should expect it.  And access to birth control is being denied to women because of the religious beliefs of certain companies...wait, is that because some birdbrains think companies are people?  And Virginia, my very own state, my home where I vote, got frighteningly close to legalizing invasive medical procedures that border on rape to try and deter women who choose to exercise their legal right to an abortion.  And don't even get me started on the personhood law that gained enough steam that it actually almost had a chance of passing!

Two years ago, I probably would not have thought there was much to be done except vote and hope for the best.  This church has helped to instill in me that I can MAKE a change. I am one person, but it is my duty to give my efforts and my voice to protect the rights of the community and seek justice.  One of our seven principles is, "The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and society at large."

I have stumbled upon and am involving myself with a message to send to our lawmakers:  We Are Woman!  On April 28, I hope to be able to join this march on DC to inform our representatives that I demand my rights as a woman, and I will not stand by while they are taken away.  Here is a wonderful video explaining the birth of the movement:

They are currently developing a mission statement for the march as well as hammering out details for out-of-towners, designing logos, and getting permits.  It really is in the seedling stage, but it already has such strength behind the message!

I do not identify myself as a Feminist.  I am actually strikingly old fashioned in my vision and goals for my own life.  I just believe in the right for everyone, including women, to choose for themselves and carve out their own visions and goals.  It is my hope that members of UUCA support this worthy cause with their time, their abilities, and their voices.

In the meantime, I await my spinal fusion surgery and pray that it is successful so that I can try out these new legs I have found...and travel this new world I have discovered. 

I wish you all well!  <3


The Official Facebook Page for the March

Facebook Page for Virginia National and State-Level Participants

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Comment by Barbara Johnson on February 28, 2012 at 9:58am

Wow! Like the spirit!

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