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UUs on "Interfaith Voices," link below

On "Interfaith Voices" today, 3/16/14: Maureen Fiedler conducts a very thoughtful interview with Rev. Abhi Janamachi (Cedar Lane) and Rev. Rob Hardies (All Souls). You can download or listen from this link: http://interfaithradio.org/Archive/2014-March/Religion_Minus_Doctrine__The_Messiah_and_Your_Rental_Contract__and_More

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"Our" Millennials

What a fascinating tale these statistics suggest! I'll only add that I attended "Introduction to Our Faith" at UUCA last nigh, 11/13t. If my eyeballs are right, ALL of the attendees were under 40, and probably a good quarter of them seemed to be under 30. I think we are attracting Millennials. I also think UUCA is well-positioned to retain a good portion of these new, younger people. How? By our increasing dynamism, by our orientation toward the future, by our thoughtfulness and our…


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MLK, the Drum Major

After Rev. Carlton's and Rev. David's wonderful references today to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "drum major" quote, I had the opportunity this afternoon to read the entire MLK sermon, from February 1968. Far beyond just demonstrating that King's exhortation was "IF you want to say that I was a drum major,..." this sermon puts the whole idea of the "drum major instint" (that impulse to be best, to be special, to be praiseworthy and praised" into a deeply spiritual context. I find it has…


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Stewardship: Giving and Becoming

Several weeks ago, lisa Miller's Washington Post column http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/on-faith/the-generosity-of-the-faithful/2012/01/25/gIQAQQJtSQ_story.html addressed the relationships between generosity and religion. As we at UUCA consider how we each can support the church in the coming year, her research and observations are relevant. The…


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UUCA on the threshold

That's where we are right now at UUCA--on the threshold of our future. Well, of course, we're always on the threshold of our future, aren't we? All of us, all the time. But we tend to notice the "thresholdiness" especially strongly in times like these, when significant transitions are so very visible: Rev. Michael's departure this summer; the arrival this summer of an interim minister (not yet identified); the beginning of capital improvements, also this summer. Add the presence of new…


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Valentine's Day Love!

While love is in your heart for Valentine's Day, take a moment to blog a love letter to UUCA. Or if you prefer to keep your love a little more private, send postal mail to Love Letters, UUCA, 4444 Arlington Blvd., Arlington, VA 22204.


I'll be loving UUCA some more on Valentine's Day for the support of a number of members, our ministers--and Peter Morales--for Marriage Equality at Arlington Courthouse at 9:30 on Tuesday and at Fairfax Courthouse at 1:30. Love is in the air,…


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A Love Letter

Dear UUCA,

I love you! You have given me what I was looking for when I first walked through your doors: a framework and context for my spirit. But that’s not all. You also give me what I didn’t even know I was looking for: beloved community.  My heart beats more calmly whenever I walk through your doors or connect with another member.…


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Voting "Yes" for the Future

By a vote of 139 to 21, members attending the congregational meeting on Sunday 10/23 voted "yes" to authorize the Board of Trustees to move forward with planning and financing a two-story addition--as well as a green parking lot, a series of sanctuary improvements, and systems upgrades and repairs. I see this decision as a huge vote of confidence in the future of UUCA as a beacon in our community.

It is true that we will have to borrow to pull this off--but the borrowing is barely 17%…


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What Do We Need?

The question of "needs" has come up frequently in the past year, as UUCAers have discussed the funding for building repairs and upgrades. It has also come up in recent sermons about our own "purpose" and about membership, the congregation, and the wider world--especially with recent conversations about the "Occupy" movements.


So what do we need? In terms of our building and grounds, it is pretty clear that UUCA needs to do some significant repairs and upgrades. We need to…


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UUCA: A Gift to Us, a Gift from Us

We have received the UUCA of today as a gift--its vision, its structure, its programs, its staff. Whenever you joined, whether it was last week or many years ago, the UUCA that you came into was a gift from those who had come before. We need to be grateful

to our founders, some few of whom are still among us. We need to be grateful

to the many church members and

leaders over the years who taught the children, built the buildings, paid the

staff, involved this church in…


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Playing Catch-Up or Acting on Vision?

Members face a momentous vote on October 23. We will be deciding how UUCA will move into the future with the money that has been pledged for our capital campaign, Renewing Our Spaces, Renewing Our Spirit. I hope that all members will take this opportunity to heart: Please inform yourself about the possibilities by participating in a Congregational Conversation (after both services on October 9 and October 16; after first service on October 23), and then be ready to cast your vote on at the…


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Conversations About Our Future

This is an exciting time at UUCA, a time for everyone to participate in shaping our future as a congregation. One way we can do that is by taking part in congregational conversations (Sundays after both services, 10/2 through 10/16) and by voting at the congregational meeting (1:30 on 10/23).

As a congregation, we have been working for more than a year to create a responsible…


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Rev. Mary was right on!

Just rereading Reverend Mary's final sermon from last year. I think she's right: For the most part, we came here looking for connections. (Myself, I didn't even KNOW I was looking for connections until I began to make them.)


I also think she's right about this: That it is no good sitting on our hands or our wallets waiting for the church to change in X way--that we have to commit.…


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Where Does the Future Come From?

Sometimes it feels like the future comes out of nowhere. A lot of times it feels like the future is coming AT us. I believe, though, that mostly we bring the future TO us. That is, the future comes out of the reality we create right now. We are always co-creating the future.


I think that's as true in congregational life and in global community as it is in our individual lives--maybe more so. I'm not one of those who believe that we inevitably bring illness or tragedy on…


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