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UUA Statement on Occupy Protestors

I'm happy to see this statement by the UUA on the Occupy Protestors:  Statement

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In Defense of Mandarin Oranges


In my last blog, I wrote of “Old Orange People” who were reluctant to join the younger “Green People” in creating a Rainbow Culture. 


I wasn’t fair.  I forgot the varied gifts offered by the Orangers—values that were frequently “dissed” by the Greeners.  


No wonder the old folks held back!  These elders, “Mandarin Orangers,” were wisely setting conditions on their joining the new culture.  They said,  “Recognize and honor the values that we bring to…


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From Equality UUCA: Did You Know?

Did you know?


Once each month, Equality UUCA will post a new “Did you know?” column here, for all members and friends of UUCA to enjoy. We will try to post stories about LGBT rights and advocacy that go at least one step beyond the headlines, or that offer a broader perspective—cross-culturally or across the evolving decades—and will link what we post with today’s living social justice challenges.




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It Breaks My Heart

 (From the United Farm Workers today Oct. 27) This article explains why knowing where your food comes from and how everyone in the process from field to slaughterhouse to packing plant to transportation to your point of purchase is treated is essential. Below is a bit of background on how 1,000s of mostly brown people who don't speak English are kept like animals so corporate agricultural interests can deliver a handsome dividend to their shareholders, and so average Americans can eat well…

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Day of the Dead kites in Guatemala

Watch a video that shows the kite-flying in Guatemala that is one of the ways Mayans have traditionally observed the Day of the Dead.  A group of UUCAers were in Guatemala last year on this holiday, which in anglo-Christian traditions is called All Saints Day (November 1), and were impressed by the beautiful kites and the power of the symbolism.  Flying kites high into the air brings earthbound human beings closer to…


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The Green & Orange

Once upon a time, on a distant planet, a green people lived in a green land, working to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables glowing with the light of their sun.  Their songs and dances gave them much joy.  They also suffered mightily with pain from the labors of their work and the inevitable aging of their bodies towards death.


Onto this planet came voyagers from afar—mostly men, with skins orange as pumpkins and marigolds.  Armed with weapons that killed both young and old,…


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My Dad is Dying

My Dad is dying.  He is leaving the hospital this afternoon for the nursing home and we have been told that he has five days to five weeks.


What happens in this community when a family is facing this loss?

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Turn the Church Purple was a HIT!

The goal: Sponsor an event to unify the church and support anti-bullying efforts with the 1000 paper cranes = 1 wish to end bullying project.

What began as an idea to bring the downstairs and upstairs together in unity and spirit ended with a sanctuary full of purple in support of the Youth Group's Anti-bullying project.  COLOR THE CHURCH PURPLE was a big success thanks to the ideas of Marisa Kataoka and Casha Stempniewicz.

See photos:…


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Voting "Yes" for the Future

By a vote of 139 to 21, members attending the congregational meeting on Sunday 10/23 voted "yes" to authorize the Board of Trustees to move forward with planning and financing a two-story addition--as well as a green parking lot, a series of sanctuary improvements, and systems upgrades and repairs. I see this decision as a huge vote of confidence in the future of UUCA as a beacon in our community.

It is true that we will have to borrow to pull this off--but the borrowing is barely 17%…


Added by Diane Ullius on October 23, 2011 at 11:44pm — 2 Comments

UUCA as a place of Democratic discussion and engagement - A Reflection

But, UUCA is a spiritual space not a fully democratic space.  YET, It doesn’t have to be that way.  In my opinion, I don’t see UUCA as a truly democratic space if we don’t throw open our doors to the community with the addition of the 2 story Celebration Center.   Young people are occupying Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square because they don’t feel they have a voice.  No one is listening to them and voting just isn’t enough anymore. Our laws enforce and reinforce our lack of democratic…


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2nd Story Thoughts: UU Economics and Social Justice

I'm questioning my own doubts about our borrowing $1 million for the complete UU space renewal and expansion (especially the second story for the East wing).

Why?  Because I've been told that the Buckingham community feels great interest in sharing that space—which would offer us a multicultural partnership that could help build equality and community.  For instance, that space could become a home base for work on immigrant rights and economic justice.

I like that.  It's a…


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Can you imagine UUCA as a Community Center?

As a “Community Center” the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia welcomes an average of 2,200 people a week!

Leaders from First Unitarian shared their success story in a powerful presentation at Saturday’s Racial Justice Conference.  They explained that they subsidize dozens of cultural, educational, civic, wellness and spiritual groups, and the hundreds of people served by them, by providing affordable and…


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How to Sustain a Protest Movement

Check out this article from the NY Daily News - written by two community organizers who work with the IAF (VOICE's affiliation): "Occupy Wall Street's anger isn't enough: How the push for change can be sustained" by Rev. Patrick O'Connor and Mike Grecan.  They point out that as exciting as these popularist kinds of movements… Continue

Added by Rev. Linda Olson Peebles on October 18, 2011 at 6:00pm — 3 Comments

What Do We Need?

The question of "needs" has come up frequently in the past year, as UUCAers have discussed the funding for building repairs and upgrades. It has also come up in recent sermons about our own "purpose" and about membership, the congregation, and the wider world--especially with recent conversations about the "Occupy" movements.


So what do we need? In terms of our building and grounds, it is pretty clear that UUCA needs to do some significant repairs and upgrades. We need to…


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A Common Meditation for UUCA

This weeks Common Meditation is a poem by Sarah Munson, a long-time member and poet in our congregation.


Quiet Enough


Can I be quiet enough to hear

machinery hum

in kitchen and basement?


Quiet enough to feel

the sun, emptying through glass,

fill every pore in my face?


Quiet enough to accept

the stretch of muscle

strained to sit still?


Quiet enough to allow



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Cynical axiom vs. Gertrude Stein aphorism

With Cynthia's help I managed to write a letter to an old friend who wanted my reaction to something that she had written. Trying to set aside the axiom ``the truth always hurts'' I think I managed to stay close to Gertrude Stein's aphorism ``artists don't need criticism, they need praise.''


For 40 years I made my living as a theater critic for newspapers. The task was (almost) always an exercise in detachment. With an eye to the Hippocratic dictum ``do no harm,'' I tried to…


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Social Justice Community Meeting - Sat., Oct. 22, 9 a.m. to noon

Gathering and potluck breakfast at 8:45 a.m. 


At the beginning of the meeting, we will share information

about the various social justice initiatives now pursued

by UUCA social justice community members and discuss our social justice

communications efforts.


At 10:30 a.m., Bruce Knotts, Executive Director of the

Unitarian Universalist Association’s United Nations Office, will speak on U.S.

immigration and LGBT…


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Donor appreciation tea at Culpepper Garden

The photo in the previous entry is of folks from UUCA who attended the Culpepper Garden donor appreciation tea this past Saturday October 15.  As many of you know, Culpepper Garden Senior Residence for low and moderate income elders was started by UUCA 36 years ago. Our church and many of its members and friends have provided ongoing support in the form of financial contributions and volunteer work from the beginning of Culpepper Garden's existence.  I was proud to be one of the…


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Encountering the Children of God at Occupy DC

by Madelyn Kelstein Campbell on Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 4:30am

It's like a new Hooverville.  There are…


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Arlington Connection Article on Bishop Senyonjo's Visit to UUCA

The visit of Uganda's Bishop Senyonjo to UUCA was covered in a recent edition of the Arlington Connection newspaper, in a story headlined "Committed to Social Justice."  Besides describing the Bishop's remarks, the article gave UUCA some good reporting of our commitment to bglt rights.  UUCA members Elizabeth Fogarty, Jay Fisette, Lavona Grow, and Revs. Michael and Carlton…


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