Wellspring Wednesdays

Wellspring Wednesdays - fostering lifelong learning, spiritual growth and community. Dinner is included in the class fee and children are free. Childcare is provided. Scholarships available.

6:00 p.m. Dinner and Community Time

6:45 p.m. Brief Worship

7:00 p.m. Classes

Fall 2016 Workshop Descriptions

Contemporary Islam for UUs (Allen Keiswetter) A four part series focusing on Islam: 1) Mohammad, Christmas and UUs; 2) Islam and the West - Together and Apart; 3) Political Islam - Jihad and/or Ijtihad; 4) Islam and America - The Next Four Years. Allen, a retired Senior Foreign Service Officer, is a Scholar at the Middle East Institute, Senior Consultant at C&O Resources and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland. He has taught courses on Islam and on the Middle East at the National War College and the National Defense Intelligence College. He served as the Senior Advisor on the Middle East to the US Delegation to the General Assembly. Four weeks: 10/19, 10/26, 11/2 and 11/16. (Note class does not meet on 11/9). Course fee: $40.

Geography of Grace: Intro Session (Tamara Srader) Just as many of us are removed from contact with the natural world through our busy lives, so too we live distanced from the inner nature of our souls. Cut off from the land, we lose our sense of place and grounding, our sense of home and belonging on this earth; likewise, when we are out of touch with our souls our lives become barren, starved at the roots of what deeply animates us. Based on metaphors from the geography of land and sky, this workshop leads into an exploration of the geography of the soul. Using Circles of Trust, these sessions are designed to provide you with a chance to consider different aspects of our inner and outer geography. 1 Session 10/19. Course fee: $10.

Wisdom from the Hebrew Scriptures (LeeAnn Williams) A series of 4 workshops focusing on modern/UU interpretations of Hebrew Scriptures. Some of these stories are well-known and others less so. Some have been told to children in Sunday school classes and Hebrew school for generations; others will be unknown even to some adults. Some of those narratives fit well with contemporary Unitarian Universalist values and others are more challenging in both the theology and the values expressed. All of these stories offer wisdom that can help people of all ages grow in spiritual depth and understanding. 4 Sessions 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16. Course fee $40.

Emotional Wisdom (Julia Zhu Meade) The popular course on emotional wisdom by life and leadership coach Julia Meade is back for Wellspring Wednesday this fall! Human Beings are fundamentally emotional beings. Emotions are the undercurrent of life. Whether we are aware of it or not, the moods and emotions we are in determine how we show up in the world, and what results we produce in our interactions with others. This 3-session course takes you through the often invisible terrains of emotions. Together we will experience how emotions shape our lives, explored the narratives behind them, and practice powerful ways to shift into life-serving moods and emotions. 3 Sessions 11/2, 11/09, 11/16. Course fee $30.

Living the Pledge to End Racism Workshop Information Sessions (Tracey Rogers and Jessica Huffman) This information session is designed as a "sampler" of the Living The Pledge to End Racism Workshop scheduled for later in November. Whether you have had previous anti-racism training, or have never taken a workshop about racism, the “Living the Pledge to End Racism Workshop” will challenge you to invest in your learning with literature, training, and other activities that will put you on the road toward increased intercultural competence. This workshop is specifically designed for people of faith and/or people who have a faith community to which they belong. It is in that context that we deepen our understanding, our relationships, and our wider community. Choose one session on either Oct. 19 or Oct. 26. $10 for dinner.

Welcoming Series
Note: Each session is stand alone.

Hospitality as a Spiritual Practice (Rev. Linda Olson Peebles and Sarah Masters) While many churches talk about the importance of welcoming everyone, it is often unclear how to go about doing this.This is a participatory workshop that gives a personal context and specific tools for becoming more inviting and inclusive to newcomers and to long-time members alike.This workshop approaches hospitality as a practice that can allow us to deepen our relationship with each other, with ourselves, and with our truth. Instead of an obligation for ‘their’ sake, welcoming is an opportunity to practice what we believe. In this context, hospitality is not an institutional issue for the leadership or a committee to deal with, but a way of being that benefits us all. 1 Session 10/19. Course fee: $10.

Welcoming Panel - It often feels easier to welcome those like ourselves. This panel will feature UUCAers from groups who sometimes don’t feel welcome when they walk through our doors. Hear from young adults, people with disabilities, transgender people, and members of the military about how they would like to be welcomed. 1 Session 10/26. Course fee $10.

Welcoming Skills (Bill Fogarty and Sarah Masters) What do you say after you say Good Morning? Can you describe Unitarian Universalism in the time it takes an elevator to climb to the top floor? How do you comfortably invite someone to church? While part of hospitality is having the intention in your heart to welcome people, part of it relies on teachable skills. Come to this hands-on workshop to build these skills you can use at UUCA and throughout your life. 1 Session 11/2. Course fee $10.

Growing Our Community (Allen Keiswetter and Bill Fogarty) Growth is important for the future of UUCA. How do we spread our message of hope and healing? 1 Session 11/9. Course fee $10.

New UU (Rev. Aaron McEmrys and Sarah Masters) Unitarian Universalism is a way of thinking and being in the world. It is a faith discipline, enriched by faith traditions, that forms the foundation for a way to live this life. It matters how we conduct our lives and work to make the world a better place. Unitarian Universalism wants each of us to know why. It challenges us to deepen our own faith principles and practices in response to our own experience and, whenever possible, to stand on the side of love. There will be plenty of chances to ask questions and to get to know others in the class. It's also part of the path to membership at UUCA. I Session 11/16. Free for newcomers.

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