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WARREN WRIGHT (2016-2018), Chair, has been a member of UUCA since 1993. He has served as an advisor to the Strategic Planning Committee, served on the Capital Campaign Committee and chaired the Ministerial Search Committee that hired our senior minister, Rev. McEmrys, in 2014. Warren's passions are leadership development, entrepreneurship, and using business as a means for social justice. Professionally, Warren is president of Coaching Millennials and he writes, speaks, and consults on the topic of social generations. He and his wife, Jennifer, live in Annandale and have two grown sons. 

JOHN BOHMAN has been a member since 1989 and has served our community in many capacities. In leadership roles, John has served as Board Chair and in the 1990s served as co-chair. He is a strong backer of small group ministry, policy-based and future-oriented governance, and interfaith outreach and community empowerment through UUCA's membership in VOICE (Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement). On John's artistic side, he is an active participant in UUCA's music and theatre program. The UUCA faith community was the village that helped John and his wife Louise raise their three children. "UUCA has been where the entire family learned that Church is where we go not to be served, but to serve. And, our faith calls us not only to serve those with whom we share our religious covenant but also to serve all humanity."

STEPHEN BRANNON is a native Arlingtonian and has been a part of UUCA since 2009 and a member since 2012. He has served on the Transition Team, has been active in the Young Adult Group and was an adult advisor for the Youth Group. Steve has served as Chair since 2014 and will step down in October 2016. He works in the field of cyber security at Verizon. Steve and his wife, Meg, are proud parents to daughter Rory.

AL HIMES (2016-2018) is a fourth generation Unitarian Universalist and has been a member of UUCA since 2004. He has served as a Youth Group advisor, on the Fellowship X leadership team, on the annual Auction committee and participated in UUCA's Leaders of Tomorrow program. He currently serves on the Communications Team and is an active member of Fellowship X. Al is the manager of Metrobus Service Development at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. He and his wife, Jennifer, live in Arlington.

JANICE MORRIS (2016-2018) has been a member of UUCA since 2000. Janice has taught Religious Education, including participating in the OWL (Our Whole Lives sexuality education program), serves as a Covenant Group facilitator, is part of the Communications Team and participated in the Leading from Within leadership program. One of her most inspiring experiences was traveling to New Orleans on a UUCA service trip after Hurricane Katrina, which sparked her interest in doing more volunteer activities with the church. Janice is a consultant for an Arlington-based crisis-based public relations firm. She and her daughter, Claire, live in Arlington.

CHAD OHLANDT (2015-2017) has been a member of UUCA since 2009. He is active with the finance and investment advisory teams, the stewardship team, an usher, Circle dinners and a Covenant Group.  He served on the Renewal Capital Campaign Committee. Chad, his wife, D., and children, Callen, Zachariah, and Gillian, live in Alexandria. Chad is an aerospace engineer and policy analyst at the RAND Corporation.

KRISTEN PATTERSON (2015-2017) became a UUCA member in 2012. Kristen has taught Religious Education, participated in the Leading from Within program, serves as an usher, helps coordinate the annual Family and Friends weekend in Shenandoah, is an instigator of hikes to local natural areas for UUCA families, and looks forward to facilitating Live the Pledge reflection sessions starting in early 2017. Kristen works at Population Reference Bureau, a non-profit in Washington, DC, where she engages with policymakers to integrate reproductive health rights and environmental conservation, primarily in African countries. Kristen’s service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger, West Africa 20 years ago opened her heart to the world. Kristen and her husband Dan live in South Arlington with their two elementary-age children.

ANDREA RYON (2015-2017) has been a member of UUCA since 1998.  She has taught RE, facilitated Covenant Groups, served on Stewardship, Social Action Council, and as a General Assembly delegate, and participated in the Leading from Within series.  Professionally, Andrea is an operations manager for a consulting firm providing civil engineering, planning and architectural services.  She and her husband, Scott, live in Arlington.

PAULA BENDL SMITH (2016-2018) joined UUCA in 2012. She has served with VOICE on the mortgage crisis and affordable housing, marched with UUCA Equality in the Gay Pride parade, served coffee and welcomed newcomers on Sundays, served on the Stewardship committee, co-facilitated a Covenant Group, was a delegate to General Assembly and joined a UUCA delegation to Guatemala. Paula has had considerable experience with policy governance on five previous non-profit boards. She was the founding executive director of a state-wide non-profit child care resource and referral agency in Kentucky, and served as a director of training, technical assistance and partnerships for a national non-profit in Arlington. She is currently a federal project officer for Health and Human Services in DC. Paula is a widow with two grown daughters in Kentucky.

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