Partners for Arlington and Guatemala (PAG)

… Once change begins, it cannot be stopped. You cannot uneducate the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore” -- Cesar Chavez

Who We Are

Partners for Arlington and Guatemala (PAG) is a UUCA project that promotes human rights and education in Guatemala and supports local immigrants.    We

  • sponsor Accompaniers (human rights monitors) in Guatemala who stand alongside people threatened with violence;
  • promote independence and leadership among local immigrants;
  • provide scholarships for Mayan students of families affected by genocide.


During 1960-96, Guatemala experienced an “internal conflict”: over 200,000 were killed or ‘disappeared’; 400 villages were razed; and one million people fled, some as far as Mexico.  The U.N. Commission for Historical Clarification concluded that the acts of the State constituted genocide.

The peace process began in 1993.  Refugees returned to search for graves of family members and hold accountable those responsible for the massacres.   Because many were threatened or killed as they tried, they asked the international community for help.  

Ten countries responded by placing volunteers, known as accompaniers, alongside leaders, communities and organizations to deter the threats.  Since 2000, a U.S. grassroots organization, NISGUA, has trained accompaniers as part of this international network.    As a partner with NISGUA since 2006, UUCA has sponsored 10 people to accompany those at risk for pursuing justice and for opposing transnational mining and hydroelectric projects that devastate land and water resources and displace thousands from their villages.  

Accompaniment changes the dynamics surrounding human rights violations.  Former UUCA accompanier Ali reflected:
“…accompaniment made people feel more hopeful…made them feel they weren't as alone anymore…I (can’t) stop powerful people from making decisions that cause others pain. But we have the incredible ability to imagine new and better ways of relating to each other.”



Get Involved

  • Make a tax-deductable contribution
  • Provide a Mayan High school scholarship
  • Work with local immigrants
  • Volunteer your time and talents - contacts:

Chris Sutton - Coordinator
Nancy Hall - Buckingham Outreach
Anne McKnight - Scholarships
John Sutton - PAG Yahoo Group

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