Culpepper Garden

One of UUCA's Most Successful Projects

People of vision from this church community helped start Culpepper Garden more than three decades ago. Today, with federal and county government support, Culpepper Garden provides 340 apartments, including an award-winning assisted-living wing, to elders with low to moderate incomes. UUCA and its members continue to provide leadership and support to Culpepper Garden, which is one of UUCA’s most creative and successful social action projects.

To learn more about volunteering at Culpepper Garden, contact its Operations Director, Hunter Moore.

To learn more or to donate to Culpepper Garden, visit their website.

Highlights of UUCA's creation and support of Culpepper Garden

Early 1960s: UUCA members Earl and Margaret Bailey travel the Southeastern U. S. and learn of elderly housing. They share the information with UUCA minister Rev. Edward H. Redman.

October 11, 1964: In an “adrenalin rushing” sermon, Rev. Redman challenges the congregation to consider developing housing in Arlington for seniors.

1964–70: UUCA begins a movement to raise support and funding for housing for low- and moderate-income senior citizens in the community. Authorized by UUCA’s board of trustees, a committee forms to pursue this challenge.

1971: UUCA establishes an independent housing corporation (now Arlington Retirement Housing Corporation or ARHC), which purchases the five-acre residence of UUCA member and renowned horticulturist Charles W. Culpepper, whose plantings of day lillies, daffodils, and specimen trees were preserved in the construction of the facility named in his honor.

May 19, 1975: Supported by subsidies from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Culpepper Garden opens with 210 apartments.

October 1, 1992: A second wing opens with 63 apartments.

March 2000: Culpepper Garden becomes the first facility in the country to open an assisted-living building under a new HUD program for such services--73 units in a new wing with substantial funding from Arlington County.

Present: UUCA continues to allocate funds each year for Culpepper Garden. Many UUCA members make individual financial contributions, and serve on the Culpepper Garden Board of Directors. Individuals and groups volunteer in many ways.

To learn more about volunteering at Culpepper Garden, contact its Operations Director, Hunter Moore.


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