Capital Campaign - Renewal

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UUCA Fall 2011 Capital Campaign Update


Renewal is the theme of the current UUCA capital campaign.  Why Renewal? 

Renewalis part of the natural order.  We are reminded of this cycle every year as the seasons change. The maturity of autumn leads to the dormancy and rest of winter, followed closely by a re-birth each spring and the fullness of growth that summer brings.  We can all point to similar times of renewal in our personal lives or the lives of our families.  Even institutions like the church require similar times of renewal.   


It’s time for renewal.    It’s time to honor the commitment of those who invested before us by properly taking care of the spaces they built. 

But it’s not just about renewing spaces.  It’s also about a renewing of spirit.  It’s about fine-tuning and enlivening our vision of who we are and what we want UUCA to be. It is an opportunity for us to come together, to unite our voices and our spirit.


What are the needs and opportunities in this campaign?  UUCA would like to improve the church by:

  • Making it more welcoming
  • Making it more “green”
  • Improving the financial stewardship
  • Having a vision for the future

Above: Parking lot site plan, left. New east wing, right.


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