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I am having trouble finding e-mail contacts for the ministers - it used to be on the website but now you just get clicked through to their page. I wanted to send an e-mail from my e-mail! but always just came here to get the addresses.... am I missing something - are they still listed somewhere?
click the names and a browser window mail to form appears, the email address will show in it. Meanwhile, click the All Staff link in the Ministers box in the left column on the Main page. The email addresses are shown there.
Hey June - great presentation of the new UUCA web site at the Social Action Council meeting. Now that I'm tooling around I'm seeing my Log-In terminate merely through navigation to different pages. I'm prompted to log-in again. However just backing up in my browser and I'm seeing my name displayed again from the original log-in. A bug? Or am I actually going to public pages that don't recognize my log-in?
Hi Frank. Great to see you here. Next sunday stop by the boardroom and lets see if we can replicate what you describe here. That shouldn't be happening.
After logging in I went to the Main Page. I clicked on Services and Schedules and was not logged in. I then clicked on My Page and was asked to re-enter log-in information. Actually, clicking on anything in the "Our Beloved Community" section of the Main Page terminates the log-in. However, hitting backspace though non-logged pages will take me back to log-in pages.
Hi Frank. Tx for alerting me to this. Not sure what happened. I'll try to recreate the error. Let me know if it happens again and include information on the following:
--did you have more than one browser window open in the session and were you trying to be logged into in both of those windows?
--when you signed in the first time, where you asked to verify your email address?

This is not to do w/ the website, but trying to find out if there is still a Halloween Concert being held this Sunday (10/25 - 2 pm was the date stated in the program guide) - anyone know? thanks!
There will not be a concert. I got the news from an email sent weekly from UUCA. Diane
A member told me that she has not been able to load the site page either at home or the office. What would be the most common reasons for this? Security settings too high?
Hi there. I've been very impressed with the features and content of the new UUCA website. I've even put a bookmark on my iPhone to check in on the go. I have been having trouble seeing the content on the site via the iphone/mobile site, though. I'd be happy to help test/troubleshoot...


Hi Jonathan. The platform we use, Ning, is working on maximizing for iPhone. Not much I can do now. Can you list the issues with appearance and functionality on the iPhone? I need details. tx, June Herold
Just wanted to say this site is WAY too interesting. From info on the Dance page I went to see a video of the Federico Garcia Lorca-inspired performance and wound up spending the last 4 1/2 hours going from videos to blogs to photos to I said, WAY too interesting and now I've stayed up way too late. Great job--it's interesting, relevant, multifaceted, very interactive and easy to navigate, not to mention attractive. Atta-girl and Atta-boy to everyone who helped make the site what it is.

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