Improvement Update Page

May 15, 2013

Hi everyone

A lot of projects moving forward this week-

HVAC: The chiller has been installed and the boiler is in progress. Neither have been hooked up to the new control system so they are not operation.

Parking lot: More Phase 2 curb and gutters have been poured but we are unsure when paving will happen. We are weather dependent.

First Place S: The water and sewer lines were capped and were inspected by Arlington County.

The Building and Architectural Committee continues to work on interior changes and upgrades.

More to come very soon!



Hi everyone

Moving forward despite some early week rain!

Over in the new addition crew continue work on the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. There is also prep work being done in the Celebration Center in order to pour the final floor slab. This pour should be done the the end of the week/early next week.

You may have noticed by the mud and large equipment that excavation has started around the west side of the building. The waterproofing is is being repaired/replaced.

The chiller we hoped would be back and running this week has been pushed back to next week. Fingers crossed for good weather over the weekend.




Hi everyone

I would like to spend this week's update recapping our tours of the new addition from this past Sunday.

On behalf of the Building and Architecture Committee and our volunteers, thank you so much for stopping by and checking out the progress we are making! We couldn't have asked for better weather as we threw open the doors to the construction and welcomed you to take a look around. We heard nothing but positive feedback and saw the look on many faces that indicated you were floored by what we are building. I think the best thing I heard were the descriptions of what could potentially happen in each room. You couldn't be more right! There is so much potential in these rooms and in this church as a whole. It truly is an exciting time.

I also had the pleasure of giving the youth and children of RE tours while the services were happening. We have some amazingly bright and astute youth here who brought their own set of questions and ideas. Definitely a perspective I hadn't heard before.



April 18, 2013

Hi everyone

This Sunday the members of the Building and Architecture Committee will open up the new addition for your viewing pleasure. The crews have made tremendous headway this spring and there is an opportunity to see firsthand how the spaces are shaping up.

In between services and immediately following the 11:15am service you will be able to access the upper level via the blue doors in the foyer of the Sanctuary (they've been boarded up for some time now). There will not be staircase access between the upper and lower levels, so in order to access the new Activity Room please go to the lower level of the building and enter through the hallway where the current elevator landing is located.

Members of the Building and Architecture Committee will be wearing neon vests and will be happy to point you in the right direction. We will also be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Please remember to wear sturdy shoes that you don't mind getting a little dirty. This is still an active construction site and we want everyone to be as safe as possible. To that end, we are not going to permit children under 16 to enter the site. I will be leading the RE youth on private tours during the services when it will be easier to ensure their safety.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


April 11, 2013

Hi everyone

There are quite a few interior projects happening this past week.

  • Work began on the chillers as crews dug ditches outside for new pipe runs. The entire chiller project is expected to take 3 weeks. In the meantime, our hopes for moderate temperatures outside were not met this week. No chillers plus hot outside temps made it quite a struggle this week in the UUCA. Luckily this weekend's temperatures are expected to be down so Sunday services should be pleasant.
  • New fire alarm indicators were installed throughout the building.
  • More landscaping!
  • Wall framing was started in the new Activity Room.



Speaking of the Activity Room, we are happy to announce that you will have an opportunity to view and tour the Activity Room as well as the upper level Celebration Center. On Sunday April 21st both spaces will be open between services and after the 11:15am service. Members of the Building/Architecture Committee will be on hand to monitor foot traffic and answer any questions you might have. If you plan on touring either space, please wear shoes that can get a little dirty and provide additional protection. It is still an active construction site and while it will be as clear as possible, we need to be careful. We hope to see you there!






April 4, 2013

Hi all

Most noticeably this week is beginning of our landscaping plan. A sight for sore eyes, crews began planting trees and bushes around the islands and natural areas of the parking lot. After months of staring at dirt, the green was quite refreshing!

You should also take a minute to check out the the center section of the brick piers along First Place S. You can see where the commemorative plaque for Reeb Hall will be located. Although it has been said before, it bears repeating that the bricks in the wall and the piers were saved from Reeb Hall after the demolition.

Until next week,


March 28, 2013

Hi Everyone


After a brief hiatus, your weekly Improvement Update is back!

Over on our new addition, worker's started the foundation waterproofing. The Building/Architecture Committee knew this was an important step for us given the history of the Activity Room, so we asked that a product rep join us in reviewing the installation. I'm happy to report that everything is going as planned.

New windows below the Sanctuary are currently being installed. Not even the snow kept them from proceeding!

In the parking lot you might notice that the fence piers along First Place South are taking definite shape.

We also hope to have some new signage up in the parking lot that makes it more accessible and safer for all of us.




Feb 14, 2013

Hi everyone, I'm sorry there wasn't an update last week. I'm afraid the massive snowstorm kept me from being able to get to my computer....

All joking aside, the weather has still been too wet for any substantial work to happen in the parking lot.

Work has been moving briskly over at the new addition. Work completed in the last month:

  • Completed cinderblock to roof at Staircases
  • Began masonry wall on Service area
  • Replace forts electrical panel in boiler room
  • Began mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough-ins on both levels

In the next month we should see the waterproofing and then the permanent roof structures go up.


Feb 21, 2013

A short week for me means a short Improvement Update.

The Rte. 50 access road entrance to the parking lot is now open 7 days a week. We may have to close it temporarily once the crews are ready to finish paving. I will give you notice of that in advance.

Over on the new addition, they started setting the roof steel and roughing in the duct and electrical work.


Feb 15, 2013

We have more good news on the parking lot front this week. As you may remember, last week saw us open up the other entrance on First Place South and an additional 15 parking spaces. This week we are going to open up the Rte. 50 Access Road entrance and an additional nine spaces.

I anticipate that this will be the setup for the next few weekends as completion of Phase 2 has been delayed by all the wet weather we’ve been having. The ground just has not had enough time between the rain and snow to dry out enough for paving.

All of this new parking space means there will be more pedestrian traffic in the lot. Whether you are walking or driving, please pay close attention to your surroundings.



Feb 7, 2013

Hi everyone

Quite a bit has happened since last week so I’m happy to report that this report will have more substance than last week.

First off, we will have more access to the parking lot and its newly paved section this weekend. The 1st Place S. entrance will be open and approximately 15 additional spaces will be available. We aren’t completely done, but we are getting closer!

Over on the new addition you will be able to see that the second floor pre-cast concrete planks have been installed. These help give shape to the first floor Activity Room as all of its major walls are up and it has a ceiling. Please take a minute to take a peek!



Jan 31, 2013

Hi everyone

We were able to see some progress this week even though the weather continues to hamper our efforts. Crews paved about 75% of the Phase 2 lot. After speaking with them we made the decision not to open the new section of the lot this coming weekend. Giving the newly paved section more time to set will be a benefit in the long run.



Jan 17, 2013

Hi everyone,

I was hoping to have some better news this week, but unfortunately the weather has not cooperated with us. The rain (and threat of rain) cost us a few days so I don't have too much to report.

Parking Lot:

The crews were able to haul away a small mountain of excess dirt that had taken up residence in the lot. Additional grading was able to be completed. If we are able to get some good weather next week we should see the Phase 2 section completely paved by the end of the week.


The bricklayers were delayed in starting, but at this very moment there are 15 of them working on the stairwells of the new addition. The structural steel should be arriving next week.

Thank you for reading!



Dec 19, 2012

Happy Holidays!


  • They continued the staking and grading prep on the westernmost section and the remainder of where Reeb Hall used to stand. This will continue next week after the 25th.
  • Starting on Friday afternoon (the 21st) through the 25th, the Rte. 50 access road entrance will be open. This is temporary as we wanted to make sure it is as easy as possible to get in and out for all this weekend's and Christmas Eve's services.
  • After the 25th the Rte. 50 access road entrance will be closed along with the entire upper lot. This will be Phase 2. Please consult the new Phase 2 map.
  • I anticipate Phase 2 to last a few weeks, weather permitting.



  • Work is continuing and crews hope the slab on grade will be poured next week.


I hope everyone is enjoying the newly paved section parking lot. That is just a taste of what is to come. I believe it is worth the all we've been asked to deal with over the past few months. Thank you for your continued flexibility and understanding.



Dec 12, 2012

Most of the work this week has been a continuation of last week's glorious sight of paving. The entryway nearest the parsonage on 1st Place S was ripped out and redone in order to work better with the new grade. The paving has extended to where Reeb Hall used to sit.

Next week should see us flip from Phase 1 to Phase 2. There will be new maps and traffic patterns coming so please check back at next week for updates. And, as always, your wonderful group of Gravel Greeters will be on hand to point you in the right direction for Sunday services.
Brian Smith, Chief Administrative Officer

Dec. 5, 2012

I hope you all are enjoying the incredible weather we're having this early December! And I hope that some of you noticed the sneak preview of what the parking lot will look like as the crews surprised me by opening up quite a lot of the lower section near the driveway for last weekend's services.

The warmer temperatures and lack of rain have allowed them to continue their work in pouring more concrete foundations and curbs as we prepare to see the framework of the new Celebration Center and our transition in the parking lot from Phase 1 to Phase 2. Big changes coming soon!


Brian Smith, Chief Administrative Officer

Nov. 28, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Most of the work going on this week is a continuation of last week’s update.

The parking lot is still being curbed and prepped for paving (coming soon? I’m afraid to jinx anything!) while foundation work continues on the east side of the building. Like last week, please take a minute to peek out the windows in the Sanctuary to get a good look at the work!

As I am writing this I have been told that temporary patchwork has begun on the driveway. The crews are working hard to get us access to the driveway for future use MUCH sooner than we anticipated. Although it will need to be properly finished in the spring, I appreciate their efforts in getting this back to us sooner rather than later. It will make drop-offs and pickups much smoother.
Brian Smith, Chief Administrative Officer









Nov. 21, 2012

Photo: Foundation to the Celebration Center has been poured.
Hi Everyone,

You will notice that the construction crews are really making good headway in the parking lot. Some curb and gutters have been poured and many of the forms have been installed. They also cut most of the "parsonage section" of the lot down to grade. Everyday we get closer and closer to seeing pavement (hopefully next week).

If you are in the Sanctuary this weekend, please take an opportunity to look down at the newly poured foundation for the Celebration Center.

I believe we have turned the corner from seeing all things being demolished or dismantled and are now going to see the positive sights of building and paving.

Thank you for your continued patience while we work do get this done as quickly as possible.


Brian Smith, Chief Administrative Officer

Nov 16, 2012

Curb appeal!

There was some good work happening in the parking lot this week as the crews get ready to take the next big step forward. You may notice a long ditch that runs along the edge of the lot by the parsonage. Next week crews will begin installing the curb and gutter and the parking lot will begin to take shape! Also in this work is the running of the conduit that will feed power to the permanent light poles that will be going up as Phase 1 draws to an end.

While the rain has left us with quite a few puddles, preparation has begun on the footprint of Reeb Hall to get it ready for paving.

After much delay, we are optimistic that the foundation for the new Celebration Center can be poured next week! Fingers crossed for dry weather before Thanksgiving!

Brian Smith, Chief Administrative Officer

Nov 9, 2012

Hi everyone,

We had some good weather this week so crews were able to get back on track.

I wanted to take this week’s update to touch on something slightly different. As many of you know, we have a dedicated, talented group of volunteers called Gravel Greeters who come early every Sunday to help assist you as you arrive for Sunday services. I appreciate their flexibility as many times I have to sometimes send them last minute changes to the look of the parking lot. They want your experience to be as smooth and as safe as possible.

It is disheartening to hear on Monday mornings that their instructions to service attendants are being willfully ignored. These instructions have nothing but your best intentions in mind. We want to be safe and provide ease of access for folks whose mobility prohibits them walking too far. If you feel this can be done in a better way, please let me know. If you are frustrated with the current system, please let me know. My door is always open and I am happy to listen.

But on Sundays, I ask that you work with our volunteers. Nothing about having the parking lot in its current state is ideal. We’re all trying to work with it to keep services and events on track. Thank you for your help in doing so!

Brian Smith, Chief Administrative Officer

Nov 2, 2012

As you can probably guess, Sandy threw off work quite a bit this week. Both Monday and Tuesday were lost and Wednesday was spent cleaning and bailing out the construction site. When crews were able to get back to work, they continued demolition of the Activity Room and working on the drainage in the parking lot.

We’re hoping for a good run of sunny days to help get us back on track.

Oct 26

Hi everyone,
Although you cannot see them, being underground and all, Sully Construction continued work on the drainage systems in the parking lot and driveway. We also were finally able to coordinate with Washington Gas and their subcontractor to get some key work done around the old Activity Room. Getting this work done will allow us to finish the demolition and get started on soil testing and, eventually, the new building construction.

Also, the large gravel patch for dump truck wash downs mentioned in last week’s Improvement Update has been installed.

That’s all for this week.

Brian Smith, Chief Administrative Officer

Oct 16, 2012

I met with Sully Construction yesterday (Monday) and they gave me a head's up on a few projects that are happening this week that may impact your visit.


  • We expect a Thursday delivery of another large drainage structure and a massive crane to help installation of said structure.
  • Sully will have to close down the sidewalk that goes from the parking lot to the downstairs entrance of the building. This will mostly impact the preschoolers and their parents. Parents and preschoolers will have to use the ramp up to the main upper doors and go down to the classrooms via the stairs in the lobby.
  • As always, if the weather does not cooperate, this may be delayed.


  • The county requires a "construction entrance" to our job site. Fortunately we are able to use our current main entrance on the Arlington Blvd./Rte. 50 service road.
  • Sully will have to install a patch of large stone gravel as a place to wash down trucks as they exit the site. I have indicated this patch on the parking lot map below (click here for larger image). The way it has been described to me is that you can drive over this, but you may not want to if you have a small car or sedan.
  • I asked that Sully remove 2 of the existing "islands" in the parking lot in order to create a path in and out of the lot that clears this larger stone patch so people who feel their car cannot handle the new section. This will cause us to lose a few spots.
  • Facilities manager Paul Kearney and I are working on getting cones and other markers in the parking lot ASAP to outline where to go and not go, park and not park.

Thank you for patience with these additional issues as we try to navigate the inconvenient aspects of our Improvement project.

Brian Smith

Ps. As always, please feel free to forward to anyone you feel needs to see this!

Oct 12, 2012 - Update

There is a lot to report this week -- Here are some bullet points with the highlights:
  • All electrical work is done. Regular bulbs have been replaced with more efficient LEDs and additional chancel lighting has been fixed.
  • The chancel floor has been installed and sealed and is ready for use!
  • The roof is now watertight.
  • Next week should see the completion of work: patching the exterior concrete, paint touch-ups on the outside windows, and final flashing on the roof.

West Office Wing
  • After some very loud work, the roof is watertight. Thank you to the staff for putting up with quite the disruption this week.

Parking Lot
  • Large drainage structures were installed.
  • Work began on the driveway and its drainage structures. More to come in the next few weeks.

Brian Smith
UUCA Chief Administrative Officer

Oct 4, 2012 - Update

Rain, rain go away…

The week got off to a great start as crews began installing some of the major drainage elements in the parking lot. Alas the rains came and came and came and washed out both Tuesday and Wednesday. They are hoping to get back on track for Thursday and Friday.

The rain also cost us a day on getting out existing storm drains cleared of debris, but work was back on track on Wednesday.

In the Sanctuary things were dryer and some of the finishing touches were taken care of. They include: touch up work on the window paint, completion of the window tinting, near completion of the electric systems, and laying down the ramp on the chancel.

Speaking of the Sanctuary, I want to take the opportunity to thank again all the volunteers who helped set up and break down the chairs last weekend. Without your tremendous effort, services would have been packed into Fellowship Hall.

On that note, we will be back in the Sanctuary this weekend from here on out!



Sept 27, 2012 Update

Hi everyone,

As you will see -- we are having our Sunday service back in the Sanctuary! There has been a lot going on inside the UUCA. The new chancel is almost floored, the lights are almost re-wired, and the roof is almost completed. Sully Construction is confident that they will finish work and they can give us the fully functional Sanctuary back on October 7th. Demolition on the Activity Room is almost complete.

Next week we should see the finish of the Sanctuary and a renewal of activity in the parking lot as they have received many pieces of the drainage system.

Thank you to all the volunteers who will help get our Sanctuary ready for Sunday and those that will help us break it down again to make it available for the construction workers first thing Monday morning. You are the reason we are not going to be in Fellowship Hall this weekend!

Brian Smith
UUCA Chief Administrative Officer

Sept 21, 2012 Update

Hi everyone,
This week saw a great deal of focus on the Sanctuary. Crews replaced the smaller windows at floor level with fixed windows and repainted the frames. Electricians began work on the ceiling and the roof rewiring the lights. A lot of work went into expanding and improving the platform. This work will continue into next week, which requires Sept 23 services to be in Fellowship Hall. Please check out this week's photos here.

If everything goes as planned we expect to see the demo of the Activity Room next week. Work will also pick back up in the parking lot as sewage structures should arrive for installation.


Brian Smith
UUCA Chief Administrative Officer

Sept 13, 2012 Update

This week:

  • Continued demolition prep in the Activity Room
  • Patio blocks were removed from the Labyrinth
  • Handrails taken down from roof of Activity Room
  • Double exit doors from Sanctuary to Labyrinth were boarded up to ensure no one took a trip into the construction area.

Next week:

  • Delivery of storm drainage structures (we were hoping for these this week, but there was a delay)
  • Continued excavation of Phase 1 in the parking lot
  • Sanctuary work begins, which includes the roof, the stage, and windows.

Brian Smith
UUCA Chief Administrative Officer

Improvement Update - Sept 7

This week has seen a continuation of the work on the fireline and fire department connection around the current Activity Room. You might notice a significant portion of the patio on the east side of the Sanctuary has been removed for this. Prep work for the demo of the Activity Room also began as workers disconnected and capped the AC chiller lines. This left the entire building without AC for a couple of days. Big thanks to the staff for dealing with this uncomfortable reality. Less intrusive work, like general surveying, took place in the parking lot.

Next week should see completion of the fireline and fire department connection, continued Activity Room demo preparation, and (possibly) the installation of storm sewer pipes in the parking lot.

We made a small change in the parking lot for this Sunday’s services. All of the paved spots are now marked with handicapped signs in addition to the painted wheelchair symbol. We moved the “Special Needs” signs to the adjacent fence and parking spots. This should restore us back to the equivalent number of these spaces from the old parking lot.

Brian Smith
UUCA Chief Administrative Officer

Aug 30, 2012- Update

We have a lot to report on this week, but before we get to that I want to say THANK YOU to everyone for making this past Sunday so successful. As you know, this was the first Sunday service where our members and guests had to negotiate the Phase 1 parking lot. Thank you for reading the maps and materials ahead of time! Thank you for using the Mason lot, street parking, and Arlington Hall! And a major THANK YOU to our crew of Gravel Greeter volunteers who helped direct traffic, answer questions, and ensure that folks got into the church as quickly and safely as possible. What a group!

A few tweaks for this coming Sunday:

  • Please do not jaywalk across George Mason Drive. This is dangerous and pointless as you will need to go up to the intersection of George Mason Drive and Arlington Blvd. in order to reach the service road that accesses the church.
  • I encourage folks to use the 1st Place S. entrances to the parking lot.
  • When parking, please tuck in as efficiently as possible. Pull all the way up to the fences and/or wheel stops and do not leave too much room between cars. This will help us maximize our limited space and ensure a steady flow of traffic.

The Improvement Update...

This week:

Sully Construction installed a fire line that cut through the driveway. The county inspector came and we passed so the crew was able to start filling in the trench and putting Room 16 back to working condition. Room 16 will be ready for use as of Monday, September 3.

Sully will start a new fire line around the footprint of the new Celebration Center. A big part of this is tearing up the concrete patio on the east side of the Sanctuary.

The filling of Reeb Hall continued. A subcontractor was brought in to do an inspection of the subgrade. They determined that everything looks fine (this means we are unlikely to have a sinkhole or grade change in the future on the spot where we filled in).

On the docket for next week:

Sully will start the installation of storm pipe in the parking lot.

The installation of the fire line on the east side of the Sanctuary will continue.

Brian Smith
UUCA Chief Administrative Officer


Aug 23, 2012 - Update

UUCA Members & Friends,

Improvement work really kicked into gear this week as there was activity on many fronts.

Beginning on the east side of the property, work began inside the building as the sprinkler piping was re-routed through Room 16, leading to its closing until early September. Mike, Sully's on-site manager, also uncovered some pipes in the driveway in order to get a good elevation (there is a question of proper clearance). He is hoping that the county will approve their current location.

Speaking of the driveway, it was closed this week as they hauled away debris, did pipe excavation near George Mason Drive, and began ripping up the existing lot by the playground. They moved the blue handicapped signs from their old location into the new, temporary handicapped section that was put in last week.

The driveway will be closed this weekend as we put Phase 1 of the construction plan into effect! Please consult the parking and walking maps ahead of your visit (Weekend parking map | Weekday parking map | Walking map)

The fill of Reeb Hall's remaining foundation should begin at the end of this week and continue into next week.

In addition to this, next week should see the following:

  • New fireline around the Activity Room
  • Disconnect of utilities in the Activity Room by subcontractors
  • More driveway destruction in order to accommodate the installation of drainage equipment

Brian Smith
UUCA Chief Administrative Officer

Aug 17, 2012 - Update

Above: A preview of what's to come. Facilities manager Paul Kearney shows off our new temporary handicap parking spaces and the path along Arlington Blvd.


This week saw many steps forward in getting the lot ready for major work. Construction crews added large portions of the perimeter and silt fencing and put the final touches on the temporary handicapped parking (wheel stops, signage, and striping). EE Lyons was also able to move the wood chip and debris piles off-site, opening up the west side of the parking lot. Tilson came out and began servicing the trees by adding tree protection and root pruning. They will be back to water them in the near future.

After much delay I am told with confidence that next week will see the closing of the driveway and large portions of the parking lot. Please check back to the Phase 1 maps (Weekend parking map | Weekday parking map | Walking map) and begin to plan your visits accordingly. The maps will be available online as well as in the lobby this weekend.

In conjunction with the driveway closure, the contractor will be clearing debris from around the Activity Room and putting in the fire line near George Mason Dr. The h*** left by the demolition of Reeb Hall will also be filled.


Aug 10, 2012 - Update

Hi everyone,

More big changes taking place around the parking lot! The foundation and debris from the demolition of Reeb Hall were removed from the site. Crews removed many trees in preparation of the fencing that should be going up next week. They also began to pour the temporary handicapped parking/dropoff area we requested for when the driveway is finally closed. Unfortunately, the Friday rain delayed them from being able to finish this before the weekend. This dropoff area will make it possible for guests with mobility issues to travel on firm ground without having to navigate the gravel lot in order to get to the church.

The rainy weather also caused a delay in transporting tree debris from the west side of the parking lot, so part of it will be unavailable for parking this weekend.

The driveway will be open this weekend for all events and the Sunday service. I anticipate it will be closed starting next week.

NEW MAP: There is a new map for folks looking for information on the best paths to take from the Mason Lot across George Mason Drive and from the Arlington Hall lot.
Brian Smith
Chief Administrative Officer

Aug 2, 2012 - Update

Hi everyone,

As you will certainly notice when you arrive at UUCA, the demolition of Reeb Hall is finished! Crews started on Wednesday afternoon and finished knocking down the main structure Thursday morning.

Some of the new fencing has gone up around the parking lot, but this weekend should see no major changes in parking or accessing the lot.

We are still looking for a few great volunteers to be one of our Gravel Greeters. If you are interested in helping out for Sunday services please email us

July 25, 2012 - Update

We are anticipating two major events to start next week: the demolition of Reeb Hall and the construction of the fencing that will impact our parking lot and driveway. Thank you for your patience as we continue to upload more maps (and hopefully video coming soon!) in order to assist your visit.

We are still looking for more volunteers for our Gravel Greeters! Gravel Greeters will help with parking and directions in the lot for Sunday services, If you are interested in joining us, please contact

July 20, 2012 - Update

This week saw us clear a major hurdle as we received our Demolition Permit from the county! It took a lot of hard work by everyone on the Building Committee and from Sully Construction. It truly was a team effort. We can now proceed with demolition of Reeb Hall and really get the ball rolling on this project. The driveway and parking lot will be open as normal this weekend.


July 13, 2012 - Update

Check out UUCA's updated parking map -- now in TWO versions -- WEEKDAY and WEEKEND. Note: parking areas change depending on whether it's during the weekend or weekday.

Attached in pdf files: Weekend parking map and Weekday parking map-- Also SEE BOTH MAPS BELOW.

July 7, 2012 - Update

Hi everyone,

Starting as soon as July 16, Phase 1 of the construction project is slated to begin. With this we will begin to see some significant changes to our parking lot, walkways and access points. I expect Phase 1 to last around 3 months. As we near the change from Phase 1 to Phase 2 I will send out a similar plan for the new parking lot arrangements.

Above, and attached here in a pdf file, is a map you can view while reading this email. Using Google Maps Satellite view may also help when reviewing this information.
Accessing the church:

Driveway access at George Mason Drive will be closed for the duration of the construction project (all phases).

From the Mason’s lot across George Mason Drive (for use on Sundays):

  • The best way to access the church will be to cross George Mason Dr. at the light (FOR YOUR SAFETY, PLEASE USE THE CROSSWALK AT THE LIGHT.) and head straight down the Arlington Blvd. service road. I am working with Sully Construction for there to be a pedestrian access to the back of the church lobby off of the Arlington Blvd. service road. This is LABELED “A” near the top of the attached drawing and is about 100 feet from the intersection.
  • There will also be a second pedestrian access point off of the Arlington Blvd. service road near the current Cornerstone (this access has been around for some time now) that is LABELED “B”.

From the main lot (for use all week):

There are 2 entrances/exits for the main parking lot for use every day of the week. From the Arlington Blvd. service road LABELED “C”. From First Place South LABELED “D”.

For weekends only, Sully will open additional parking spaces that can be accessed further down First Place South LABELED “E”.

The pedestrian access that is located where the bike rack currently lives will have some form of structure that will serve as a drop-off point for folks with mobility issues on the gravel. This is not reflected on this drawing, but I am in contact with Sully regarding this need. LABELED “F”.This pedestrian access leads you up the current ramp and enters you in the church in the upper lobby.

A new, temporary pedestrian walkway will be installed from First Place South along the parsonage property, connecting to the existing sidewalk next to the playground. You can follow the path from there through the Memorial Garden and across the driveway to enter through the lower level. There are two places to access this walkway.

There is an opening in the fence that runs along the path by the parsonage and playground for access LABELED “G”. For safety and ease of use for all, please do not park directly in front of this access point.

From First Place South, next to the “weekend only” parking lot access. This access point is LABELED “H”.

Not seen on this map or plan is the parking lot (for use on the weekends) for Arlington Hall West Park located on S. Taylor St, just south of the church. Once parked you will have to cross the park (soccer fields, not paved) and exit through the northeast corner of the field. This will land you on the cul de sac at the end of First Pl. South with the church parking lot just down the street. You can see this better using the Google Maps information above.

I understand that there is a lot of information here and I hope that it is as clear as possible. I thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation as we begin to reach our very big goals with these construction projects. Tough times ahead to be sure, but also very exciting times!

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me via email, phone, or by dropping by!



Chief Administrative Officer, Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington

June 22, 2012 - Update

As you all know, UUCA is about to embark on an ambitious construction project that will see us upgrade our parking lot and replace our east wing. In order to keep you informed of our progress and to alert you to new traffic/parking patterns, please check back to this website for your weekly updates.

Many of you will notice as you arrive on the grounds that many trees have been marked with orange construction ribbon. As much as it pains us, these trees have been marked for removal in order to accommodate the work necessary to replace and expand our east wing and improve the parking lot. Although some of these trees are outside of the actual footprint of the work, they are so close that they cannot be saved. Throughout this process we have been very clear with all parties how highly we rate our trees and grounds and they have been very responsive to our concerns.

On a positive note, the Building Committee made the decision last week to sacrifice seven parking spaces in order to enlarge the islands around the three large trees that are being saved in the parking lot. This will give these trees the best chance to grow and flourish in the future.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Brian Smith, UUCA Chief Administrative Officer at brian.smith@uucava.orgor 703-892-2565.

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Sept. 17 - 21, 2012


Meditation Service - Tue., July 25, 7:30pm

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