2020 Search Updates

2020 Search Updates

Here’s what the 2020 Ministerial Search Committee has been doing on behalf of UUCA since the committee was elected by the congregation in June 2018.

Summer 2018 | MSC met with Rev. Kate Walker, our coach from the UUA, who advised us on the search process and helped us determine specific responsibilities for each member on the committee.

Fall 2018 | MSC begins meeting every two weeks to plan elements of the search process.

Sunday, February 10 | Rev. Kate preached during UUCA’s Sunday services and answered questions about the search process in the Center after services.

Saturday, February 23 | Rev. Keith Kron, director of the UUA Transitions Office, led the Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop to help our congregation examine its assumptions and biases and open our minds to new possibilities. The workshop was held in the sanctuary. Click here to learn more about Beyond Categorical Thinking.

Sunday, February 24 | Rev. Keith preached in services on the topic of “Don’t Think of a Minister,” in conjunction with the Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop, to explore how our implicit bias may affect our ministerial search (and life) and what we can do about it. Click here to read Rev. Keith’s sermon “Don’t Think of a Minister.”

Sunday, March 10 | Rev. Terasa led special worship services based on the Appreciative Inquiry process model to help congregants share their hopes and dreams for our community and be a part of shaping UUCA’s future.

Sunday, March 24 | Congregants participated in an Appreciative Inquiry session to share what UUCA means to them  and how they hope to see UUCA evolve. Click here to see the questions participants discussed. UU facilitator Sue Lamb helped lead the session and graphic illustrator Adi Leigh Brown turned participants’ ideas and questions into interactive art.

June and July | Congregants were invited to respond to the congregational survey. We received more than 600 responses and published a summary of the results.

September and October | The Ministerial Search Committee met with congregants in cottage meetings to discuss the survey results and solicit feedback on questions for ministerial candidates.

November | The Ministerial Search Committee created our Congregational Record to submit to the UUA.

December 1 | UUCA’s Congregational Record went live on the UUA website for ministerial candidates to review.

January 2 | The UUA shared interested candidates’ information with the Ministerial Search Committee for our review.

February | The MSC reviewed ministerial records of candidates who applied for the position and selected semi-finalists to interview via videoconference. We conducted video interviews and narrowed the field to a few finalists. We scheduled a pre-candidating weekend with each finalist. During those weekends, we have a group dinner with the minister, conduct a three-hour interview, observe the minister preaching at a neutral pulpit we arranged, and have lunch afterward. We also arrange for one-on-one or small group meals, tours, or other outings with the committee members and the minister to get to know the minister better.

March | Pre-candidating weekends continue. The UUA requires that we submit a ranking of our top three candidates by March 31. The UUA Transitions Office works to match congregations’ and ministers’ top choices as much as possible.

April 3 | Offer day! The UUA tells us which of our finalists will be our candidate.

April 26-May 3 | Candidating Week! The candidate will spend the week at UUCA, preaching during services on April 26 and May 3. During the week, the candidate will meet with church members and staff. After services on May 3, a congregational meeting will be held to vote on whether to call the candidate as our next senior minister.